The Palanquin Bearer*

My name is Priya Ravichandran. I am a member of The Takshashila Institution. I write on gender issues, on Balochistan and on Myanmar. I write primarily on my blog Aequalis. I have written frequently for Pragati – The Indian National Interest review, for Business Standard, for Huff post blog, and have articles in DNA and Livemint. My writings are also a part of Takshashila Institution’s edited book Distance from Delhi – A collection of essays on geopolitics, economics and public policy.

The Palanquin Bearers is a poem written by Sarojini Naidu, freedom fighter and a member of India’s constituent assembly. My work here is akin to the bearers in her poem.

I can be reached at for any comments, suggestions or corrections.

The 15 for the Republic Series has been featured in the following media:

Livemint – The Women Who Helped Draft Our Constitution

Ladiesfinger – Interview with Deepika Sarma on the women members of the constituent assembly

Soundcloud – Podcast with Varun Ramachandra


6 thoughts on “The Palanquin Bearer*

  1. Hey Priya!

    This blog presents an excellent idea. Could you please include a “subscribe via email” button in the sidebar so that it is easy for people to subscribe to this blog?



  2. This is really a great initiative. I wonder why no one had thought about this (run a blog on the women architects of our constitution) earlier. Even if there were, I hadn’t heard of one. Being a law student myself, I don’t remember sparing a sec on this. Thank you for this project. Keep up the good work, ma’am.


  3. Hi Priya, I am not sure if you are aware but Dakshayini Velayudhan’s daughter, Dr. Meera Velayudhan teaches in Gujarat. You can google her, and contact. Will be very helpful.


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